We are connected….

It has been 6 weeks since my best friend of 35+ years passed away. I still can’t believe it. I think of her every day, wishing I could pick up the phone and call her like we used to do, laugh about life, cry about life, and then get back to life.

She died too soon, her liver destroyed by the pharmaceutical drugs she had been given to ease the pain she had from losing her leg with cancer years before. She fought a tough battle but loss on August 21st at 5:05 a.m. 2012.

I knew the battle was going on, being fought in the ICU of the hospital in Pittsburgh, her two daughters and husband of 46 years with her. I was in the house I just moved to, finally back in Maryland after 15 long years. I had text the daughters the day before, tried to call once, just wondering, hoping. I knew they had taken her off all the life support, the respirator, the tubes and pain medicines on the day before.

Usually I awake around 6 a.m. but that morning, the morning of the 21st, I awoke at 5:10, my friend on my mind. As I lay there trying to decide whether to go back to sleep or get up, a feeling passed through me. It was an energy, not a presence, but an energy ‘drop’. I thought I just felt my friend take her leave… her energy gone from this existence I am in, and to the one beyond this one. I sat up, and looked around the dark room, took a deep breath and wondered exactly what I just felt. It was a change, not a loss, actually something of peace, of joy. I felt the same when my little pug girl, my sweet Missy, passed in my arms just 8 months before.

Within seconds, my cell phone rang. It was not yet 5:20 a.m. I said hello and heard my friend’s daughter calmly tell me her mother now had two legs again, she was free.

Was it that freeing of the spirit, the energy that heats our human bodies to 98.6 and makes our kisses soft and warm upon our loved ones, was that the change in the energy I felt?

As I grow older, and am not bound by the religious dogma we have pounded into our minds to control the masses,  I have to believe we are nothing more than that energy… an entity experiencing existence in this plane of existence, that we are all one connected web, one connected energy. We, all living things, are connected….we are one living entity. I think, with that belief, we should all be so much kinder to ourselves, and all parts of ourselves.  I am think we can benefit from the compassion of all parts in this existence and certainly into the next, where I so hope we meet again.

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I have come to realize our American south is the ‘short bus’ of the known universe

I’m allowed to say that as I am from south of the Mason-Dixon. Just barely, granted but the hills of Appalachia in Western Maryland where I grew up are truly just as backward as any place deeper in the American south. My qualifications to make the statement above is also based upon having lived in the Heart of Dixie for several years, even married a good ole boy from Clinton, Mississippi for a spell.

I left them parts, the Bible belt, where Jesus is praised, education is minimal, and nothing is sacred. As I communicate with family I left in the bowels of Good Ole Boydom I realize how stagnant and left in time that entire area is and remains.

I am inclined to believe it is because during the Civil War, since they lost so very miserably and still can’t seem to get over it, the war killed so many of their young men, leaving only the mentally weak, the desserters, the cowards, the mentally impaired. So, the southern states gene pool is composed of, shall we say, the shallow end of human genes. If you doubt this just listen to their accent… their accent, that hasn’t changed or improved over the last 100+ years. Seriously, it isn’t cute any more… it is distinctive but not in a positive manner. Also, what great science advancement, or even great individual has the south produced in the last 50 years.. 100 years…?

The south used to be great and it could be great again. However, the societies of the south need to embrace education and move forward with the rest of the country. Stop being the ‘short bus’…

I truly wish they would put their effort into education rather than bible thumping, racism, sexism, or hunting possum. The south is not evolving, it is stagnet and is holding back the rest of the country as a progressive nation.

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Christianity, the “convenient” religion

I try to be patient with Christians, I try to understand how they can do the things they do, how they can be haters and murderers, and yet be so righteous. I just saw a post of Face book that sounded like something from a first grader that was posted by a woman in her 60’s. talking about the Devil and the Bible, seriously?  What year is this?

It occurred to me this person would talk about Jesus and love and how she lives in the glory of the lord, Jesus Christ, but yet would walk past an animal suffering or look down her nose at a gay person that is a much better ‘person’ than she. Christianity is the religion of convenience. They are Christians when they want to be judgemental and superior and tell others what is good. While they forget their religion and their decency when walking by a homeless person, or running over an animal without stopping, or judging a gay person, or looking down upon other beliefs such as Muslims or Jews.

I believe Christianity is a disgustingly convenient religion. They disgust me with their behavior, with the damage they do with their greed and their righteous. I wish they were even 10 percent of the people they think they are… the world could use some real decency these days.

Christianity, from what I observe, is a religion of ‘convenience’. It certainly isn’t a way of life. If the self-proclaimed Christians actually behaved in a Christ like manner then I’d give them the credit they are due. I see lots of judges, killers, haters… Of all the people of all the walks of life, lifestyles, and religions the non-Christians I know are pro-active in volunteering, helping the environment, animals (including humans), donating their time to make this world better and just being good, decent people without an agenda. Their belief is their way of life and it shows…

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Days like today… time travel is possible

Today is one of those days… an ever so slight feel that autumn is on its way. Maybe it is the change of seasons where our minds and hearts remember the most. The ‘air’ is changing… you can feel it just a tiny bit in the morning, you can see it, just as the mist lifts from the ground up through the trees and the condensation turns into drips of diamonds on the grass and plants. The sun casting longer shadows through the trees and across the ground, the ‘Locus’ in the day time, the katydids chirping at night… in an instant I’m 10 years old again and trying to make the most of every summer moment before having to go back to school the day after Labor Day. Picking Queen Anne’s Lace, eating the purple tops off of the Milk Thistle. All I have to see is a butterfly go meandering by me and I travel for a split second back to every moment I spent playing in Patty’s field, building huts down on the “island” by the ‘crick’, and building ‘dams’ in that same crick. This is the magic of life… nothing material, nothing make believe, only the ‘real’ matters and lives on… time travel at it’s very best.

I hope that the ‘heaven’ the Christians speak of is really a place where we can truly go back to moments in our lives that bring us joy and peace. As they say our lives are not made up of days but of moments… some that passed without us knowing and now suddenly bring us great joy remembering…

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Gratitude of the Butterfly

I am such a tree hugger and it is the most rewarding of things. I was sitting at the table, on a phone call, and I saw what I first thought was a leaf flapping in the breeze near a tree limb in the back yard. Just as the call was wrapping up (and another one about to begin) I realized it was a large, beautiful, black butterfly caught in a web! She was so desperately trying to free herself but had obviously exhausted herself and twined herself even more in the web as she struggled. In the moment I realized what was happening my son just entered the kitchen and I said, “I have to go save a butterfly!” He looked at me like I was crazy (which I am) and I snatched the broom off the porch, slid my feet into my sneakers, and ran out the front door! As I got closer I could see her markings as both her wings were stuck to the web,such a work of nature’s art, laid flat out against the sticky fibers… I took the broom and broke the web way from the branches but she was still stuck in a tangled mess so I swept, very gently, under her until she rested upon the flat part of the broom. With that, she was able to free herself from the web and launched herself into the air. (I’m always envious every time I see a creature fly… always amazed) She flew around in a little circle, I’m assuming checking to make sure ‘all her flight systems” were working and then she did the most beautiful thing… She flew right towards me! She flew up to the left side of my face, eye level, and hovered there for about 30 seconds, looking at me! Then she flew away. Being the crazy tree hugger I am… I believe she knew what I had done and she was thanking me. I know, the spider was deprived of her lunch, but I had to save that butterfly. I love my beautiful earth and every living thing on it.

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These colored pieces of paper worth killing and dying for

I was in Europe last week and as I withdrew cash from the ATM, taking the Euros from the tray that dispenses them ever so securely, I couldn’t help but notice the variety of colors each denomination comes in. For an instant, I went to shove them in my purse and blindly go on my vacation way. But, something stopped me, I think it was the colors, how different they appear from the dollar and then I had to think, “what gives this value, what worth is put on these mere pieces of paper… why would somebody attack me, kill me, for these colored pieces of paper?”

Then, of course, my mind answers itself with, “society, the rest of humanity, they have convinced us all that these mere pieces of paper are worth MORE than any life, any peace, any thing, we can imagine.”

How do we move away from this greed, this fabricated worth, this society of mindless sheep this world has become? How do we stop dying for and killing for pieces of colored paper?

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Righteous Christians are today’s NAZIs

The word NAZI comes to mind when I read or think about righteous haters (aka Christians) … singling out a particular group of individuals to blame for the ills of society… I say CHRISTIANS like the righteous minister at Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church is the group to blame. I don’t know a SINGLE self proclaimed Christian that even comes CLOSE to behaving “Christ” like. You better remove the log from your eye… as I don’t believe you can see, let alone proclaim to be anything like Jesus.

there is a half page AD from some CHRISTIAN minister and he is hawking his “symposium’ regarding the collapse of evangelical Christianity and he lists out God’s plan and God’s character AND how we must fight gay marriage!

One of Rev Erickson’s quotes he has on his “paid advertisement’ (NAZI like behavior…maybe…?) ‘For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like ME, Isaiah 46:9” Really? You and your God are both arrogant.

Go to today’s Baltimore Sun page 3… half page ad… If this isn’t NAZI like I’ll eat my hat.

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