26 Acts of Kindness nullified by 2 acts of judging – Narcissistic

OK, here it is… the explanation for the box of candy canes with the pay it forward message/26 acts of kindness on them. I’m disgusted by this… 28 people died, not 26.

I guess the media has convinced everybody the ‘evil’ mother deserved it and the son was non human as well… Judging of 2 nullifies the 26 Act “candy cane” kindness.

“If you do good, you will feel good”… Hey, that’s what it’s all about, right? It’s all about me, me, me! “Feel good”… how can ANYBODY feel good about what happened in Sandy Hook? How is a box of candy canes telling me to ‘Pay it Forward”  going to help those grieving families!? How about the family of the mother and son?

26 Acts of Kindness, 2 Acts of Hatefulness…want to feel good?!!!


About Brain Droppings...

I'm a tree hugger. I would like to leave the earth a better place than I found it, even though that is difficult to do these days. My thoughts I'll share on this blog are random and I hope indicate a raised awareness as time progresses.
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