We are connected….

It has been 6 weeks since my best friend of 35+ years passed away. I still can’t believe it. I think of her every day, wishing I could pick up the phone and call her like we used to do, laugh about life, cry about life, and then get back to life.

She died too soon, her liver destroyed by the pharmaceutical drugs she had been given to ease the pain she had from losing her leg with cancer years before. She fought a tough battle but loss on August 21st at 5:05 a.m. 2012.

I knew the battle was going on, being fought in the ICU of the hospital in Pittsburgh, her two daughters and husband of 46 years with her. I was in the house I just moved to, finally back in Maryland after 15 long years. I had text the daughters the day before, tried to call once, just wondering, hoping. I knew they had taken her off all the life support, the respirator, the tubes and pain medicines on the day before.

Usually I awake around 6 a.m. but that morning, the morning of the 21st, I awoke at 5:10, my friend on my mind. As I lay there trying to decide whether to go back to sleep or get up, a feeling passed through me. It was an energy, not a presence, but an energy ‘drop’. I thought I just felt my friend take her leave… her energy gone from this existence I am in, and to the one beyond this one. I sat up, and looked around the dark room, took a deep breath and wondered exactly what I just felt. It was a change, not a loss, actually something of peace, of joy. I felt the same when my little pug girl, my sweet Missy, passed in my arms just 8 months before.

Within seconds, my cell phone rang. It was not yet 5:20 a.m. I said hello and heard my friend’s daughter calmly tell me her mother now had two legs again, she was free.

Was it that freeing of the spirit, the energy that heats our human bodies to 98.6 and makes our kisses soft and warm upon our loved ones, was that the change in the energy I felt?

As I grow older, and am not bound by the religious dogma we have pounded into our minds to control the masses,  I have to believe we are nothing more than that energy… an entity experiencing existence in this plane of existence, that we are all one connected web, one connected energy. We, all living things, are connected….we are one living entity. I think, with that belief, we should all be so much kinder to ourselves, and all parts of ourselves.  I am think we can benefit from the compassion of all parts in this existence and certainly into the next, where I so hope we meet again.


About Brain Droppings...

I'm a tree hugger. I would like to leave the earth a better place than I found it, even though that is difficult to do these days. My thoughts I'll share on this blog are random and I hope indicate a raised awareness as time progresses.
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2 Responses to We are connected….

  1. clarkkent07 says:

    Yes I have felt exactly what you felt.. I never knew if before until I died on October 18, 2007 I took my own life and was given a new one.. and then something within energy gave me something not of this world or any other.. The ability to feel the energy and all forms of energy so I could feel something without the mind.. and without any need for a thought process.. I will post soon what I was compelled to write when I woke the day we found my mother a year after my passing… Her energy called to me during an attack that took all the oxygen from her brain and her greater intelligence in being found me.. I am sorry for your loss my friend.. Her connection to you is still there.. In life which is not confused by birth and death.. Life is a journey taken one step at a time.. You always have the ability to talk to her.. You will be able to hear her responses… But you already know this!

  2. clarkkent07 says:

    Actually I decided to post it here… I woke that morning.. Nov. 5 2008 at 6:47 a.m. which is when they say the attack occurred I wrote this and didn’t even understand what I was writing or while I was compelled to write… same feeling it would seem…


    We are placed in the most complicated Vessel in the universe.. this known as the human form.. we forget that moment we are placed here that we can lose focus.. we can lose the place beyond humanity that we are all the same just placed in Vessels of what can come in all shape, sizes and colors.. A vessel is the only way to describe what I feel at this moment that we come to a New Earth.. New Earth…. never in history have I seen such a united voice that spoke to the one thing that should matter. Survival and the ray of hope that our children will have a united front as someone who’s voice I would have thought in a million years would I live to see the day that we would not just ask for change… but change could happen… I have been going through some deep changes myself this past year.. My heart beating stronger than it ever has.. my level of spirituality soaring above a place that was never in acceptance in me.. and now a greater understanding that what is felt is what we all have chosen in a dark hour of uncertainty.. Will my kids future be secure? Will I have the support to help my parents who will be elderly and without and how will I take care of all of this.. Family… Family is all that there is…

    Vessel… yes I need to go back here as this is where my words came back from.. I know that it maybe hard for some to swallow to read this.. but if you shut your brain off for a second and listen… you will hear your own pains in your heart and find the direction of self that your vessel is supposed to go to… It will show you love… not just the word itself but the actions that come from it.. it will show you a joy that comes from a place where nothing else matters.. the vessels we ride around in.. are not even close to what the true being we have inside wants to show us… We will not let the past or future detain us from what is no longer important… and that is Greed! that is Pain! that is have’s and have not’s.. no longer will rule the planet… and even more than that… the soul’s cries will find it’s way to a love not tapped into by humanity.. but humanity will embrace a love that it was always meant to… find the love in the center of this.. and the most incredible things can happen… you just have to believe! Follow your heart… follow your own glow.. your vessel will let this come through!

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