These colored pieces of paper worth killing and dying for

I was in Europe last week and as I withdrew cash from the ATM, taking the Euros from the tray that dispenses them ever so securely, I couldn’t help but notice the variety of colors each denomination comes in. For an instant, I went to shove them in my purse and blindly go on my vacation way. But, something stopped me, I think it was the colors, how different they appear from the dollar and then I had to think, “what gives this value, what worth is put on these mere pieces of paper… why would somebody attack me, kill me, for these colored pieces of paper?”

Then, of course, my mind answers itself with, “society, the rest of humanity, they have convinced us all that these mere pieces of paper are worth MORE than any life, any peace, any thing, we can imagine.”

How do we move away from this greed, this fabricated worth, this society of mindless sheep this world has become? How do we stop dying for and killing for pieces of colored paper?


About Brain Droppings...

I'm a tree hugger. I would like to leave the earth a better place than I found it, even though that is difficult to do these days. My thoughts I'll share on this blog are random and I hope indicate a raised awareness as time progresses.
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