Abrahamic Religions – at the Altar of self Righteousness

As the story says, this generation of children is the last to be able to hear the survivor’s stories first hand. At least of the WWII Holocaust survivors. I’m sure we will have many more such events in our future. After all, past performance dictates future performance.

No matter how many stories I read or movies I see about the Holocaust I am always amazed at what did and can happen, and it happens slowly and unremarkably at first… like spying on a particular religion because a hand full of their followers are radicals or considered radicals by those doing the spying.

Seems like the Abrahamic religions are always a driving force or excuse behind evil deeds. But not as much from the Jews or the Muslims, which have been and currently are the target of blind hate, but usually from Christian Brother. Christianity has the bloodiest of hands, the destroyers of so many cultures and ways of life, not to mention of individuals who dared wish to believe for themselves.  That was not allowed.

All three of these Abrahamic based religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, spun from the same beginning, they are historically the most hostile, murderous, and evil of all religions. Think about it… do you hear of the Buddhist and Hindus murdering each over a strip of land, or herding each other up and exterminating each other? Do we see the Buddhist flying planes into Hindu towers, killing the innocent, or destroying entire civilizations ways of life? This behavior is the Abrahamic religions; it embodies the extreme greed, jealousy, and hatred. It has a lack of respect for life, each others and all living things around them.

How do we fix this and move to a belief practice where we are all responsible for safety and well being each other and the world around us?



About Brain Droppings...

I'm a tree hugger. I would like to leave the earth a better place than I found it, even though that is difficult to do these days. My thoughts I'll share on this blog are random and I hope indicate a raised awareness as time progresses.
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