Fat humans and weight reduction aides give thinning the herd a new meaning

OK, I’m going to try to be as ‘PC’ as I know this is a very sensitive subject and the last thing I want to do is make anybody feel responsible for themselves or the situation in which they got themselves – I realize there are people lying on the front of their yachts from money they made inventing diets and weight reduction tools and devices and good for them. With that said, this rant is due to a commercial I just ‘flipped’ past about a fat reducing, tummy tightening aid that will make you thin and lovely in no time flat… So,, if you think this is going to work and you can still eat like a hog at the troff and can still spend no time exercising, by all means, send these folks your money. I understand the need to eat until you burst but yet feel self-pity and self loathing, really, honestly, I do. It’s not your fault you are a flabby, unattractive, overweight, sick and probably soon to be diabetic mass of blubber… not your fault at all. Poor huge soul, victim is what you are… victim of living in a country where food is abundant enough to eat until you burst, a country so blessed we have MORE than enough food to feed some of the population while allowing others to go hungry and homeless. Go ahead, keep eating, it’s not your fault. And, while you are stuffing chow into your fat, porky chop of a mouth with your fat chubby, vienna sausage like fingers, make sure you order some weight reducing tools and diet books… and remember, it’s not your fault… it is our societies fault. Bon Appetit


About Brain Droppings...

I'm a tree hugger. I would like to leave the earth a better place than I found it, even though that is difficult to do these days. My thoughts I'll share on this blog are random and I hope indicate a raised awareness as time progresses.
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