Eczema – Zrytec prime ingredient is a cross reaction ingredient for ETHYLENEDIAMINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE

If you are allergic to ETHYLENEDIAMINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE please read this post.  Especially if you have hay fever as well as hives/eczema and are taking ZRYTEC and/or ZANTAC.  

I’m so disgusted! The “cure” my allergists prescribed has the actually contains a preservative to which I’m highly allergic!  No wonder we couldn’t figure out why my hives and eczema wouldn’t clear up! 

If you are allergic ETHYLENEDIAMINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE know the prime ingredients in Zrytec and Zantac, which two allergists – one in Arizona and one in New Jersey – prescribed for me (I was already taking Zrytec for seasonal allergies…) to take for my fight with hive/eczema is something they KNOW I’m allergic!

My allergist  prescribed Zrytec and Zrytec’s main ingredient is cetirizine and is a cross related ingredient of ETHYLENEDIAMINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE.  Sorry, but I’ve been suffering with this awful allergic reaction and I have to research and figure out the cure is the problem?!

The other prescribed medication to address my allergic reaction was ZANTAC which also contains ETHYLENEDIAMINE… see the main ingredient in Zantac Randine and the link below relating the two.

Also, if you are allergic to Thermasol, know it is cross reaction drug (Merthiolate) to ETHYLENEDIAMINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE. 

This website lists the products that contain EDD –   and one of the cross reactions is cetirizine which is the primary ingredient in Zrytec.|mkwid|sA99D55ba|pcrid|9644420823.  

Link to information regarding Ranitidine (prime ingredient in ZANTAC) and Ethylenediamine.

My allergies/eczema is back with a vengeance and I have to believe now it is because of the Zrytec and the Zantac.


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