I feel so awful!! I hit and killed a chipmunk today…

The little guy ran out in front of me and I tried to miss him (no time to stop) and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him lying in the road… I was sick to my stomach. My motto is to do no harm and I’ve taken an innocent life. I turned the jeep around and went back to where he lay lifeless in the road. I pulled over as far off the road as I could, put on my emergency flashers and got a bag out of the bag of the Jeep. I’ve put people nearly through the window while driving to avoid hitting these souls in the past… now one is lying dead in the road because I couldn’t stop fast enough to prevent hitting him.

I walked up next to him lying in the road and he looked “perfect” on the outside, I couldn’t tell where he was hit… I looked carefully to see if he was breathing, maybe just knocked unconscious? No, when I picked him up he wasn’t moving/breathing… death appeared to be instantaneous. I put him in the bag, went back to my Jeep with him, my mind just racing with what I should do next. Should I just turn around and go back to the house, what should I do next?!! It took me some time to snap out of the shocked state I was in and start thinking logically. I should take him to a vet… take him to a vet to ensure there is nothing I can do for him, that he is truly dead…

I used my iphone “around me” to find an animal emergency hospital… I called 4 or 5 or even 6 Vet offices and finally found one in Ridgewood that was open! I told them what had happened and I was bringing in the chipmunk. The Ridgewood vet was about 10 minutes drive from me and I kept hoping the chipmunk would wake up… but, he didn’t and the vet did confirm he was gone.

I brought him home and Lisa and I gave him a decent burial under the Magnolia tree in the side yard. Makes me so sad… I respect all life and believe we all should… do no harm…


About Brain Droppings...

I'm a tree hugger. I would like to leave the earth a better place than I found it, even though that is difficult to do these days. My thoughts I'll share on this blog are random and I hope indicate a raised awareness as time progresses.
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