Searching for our place Under the Maryland Sun

A couple of friends and I have decided to be able to live in the style we want to live we can’t do it on a single income in today’s economy. Especially, if we want to live near D.C. and all the area has to offer. We have decided to do a “compound” where we all live on the same piece of property but have our separate homes.

It seems this is a reality unexplored concept. The problem we are encountering has to do with local limitations on the number of individual homes we can put on a piece of property.

We have found a piece of property with 32 acres, great 360 view, but only perc’d for a 3 bedroom home!

This is going to be a challenge but we are up for the challenge! Stay tuned for the details over the coming days. We can make this work!

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Two office phrases that grind my gears… I’ll be “Reaching out” to “Pull Up”

I feel like I’m channeling the love child of Steven Wright and Peter Griffith today…

Two phrases that we seem to use a lot around here and them both annoy me. Why, I don’t know, but they do.

The first being “pull up”. When I hear somebody say, “Let’s have a pull up later” or “we pull up to discuss off line” I want to scream! Are they trying NOT to say the word “meet” or “meeting”…? I say “pull up” your big boy or girl panties and call things what they are… it’s another freakin’ meeting. 

The second is below and it is ‘reach out’. When I hear somebody say, “Please reach out to Mr. X” or “if you need assistance please reach out to Ms. Y” or “I’ll be reaching out to all of you” I want to scream again. What am I reaching for again… toilet paper, information, what if I can’t reach that far? I assume I am I “reaching out of the darkness”… and I may find… I may contact.

This is the kind of frame of mind I’m in today! 

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Who decides if you are a murderer? Please retweet…

Who decides if you are a murderer? Jesus? Wait, 99.9% of the murderers are Jesus lovers… Guess, it depends on whose innocent life you take?

What do you call people who kill the innocent? One was called Adam Lorenzo… others call themselves ‘hunters’… some are called ‘abortionists’. I call ALL them murderers. And to see a woman being ‘one’ makes me ashamed of my sex, makes me want to believe she is weak, and needs the approval of some redneck man… any way you look at it, it is a disrespect for life. Posing with the dead boy just pegs the ignorance meter…


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Hope for Christmas

A friend of mine sent this to me… WOW, what a flood of memories! I remember watching these specials every year, sitting in the living room with my parents and Aunt Ruth… laughter yet a heaviness with that laughter… If anybody should be canonized from our times I believe it should be Bob Hope. I think we should stop having wars if, for no other reason, because we don’t have “Hope” any more… Watch, enjoy, and remember!

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26 Acts of Kindness nullified by 2 acts of judging – Narcissistic

OK, here it is… the explanation for the box of candy canes with the pay it forward message/26 acts of kindness on them. I’m disgusted by this… 28 people died, not 26.

I guess the media has convinced everybody the ‘evil’ mother deserved it and the son was non human as well… Judging of 2 nullifies the 26 Act “candy cane” kindness.

“If you do good, you will feel good”… Hey, that’s what it’s all about, right? It’s all about me, me, me! “Feel good”… how can ANYBODY feel good about what happened in Sandy Hook? How is a box of candy canes telling me to ‘Pay it Forward”  going to help those grieving families!? How about the family of the mother and son?

26 Acts of Kindness, 2 Acts of Hatefulness…want to feel good?!!!

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2012 Definition of Insanity

The new definition of insanity is believing in an all powerful God that lives in the sky and NOT believing in Global Climate Change. I guess this could also be the definition of a Republican.

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Silence of the Lambs brought to you by Whole Foods Market

YUCK! TO Whole Foods – I believe they are liars and not REALLY the progressive entity they would like us to believe they are!

How can Whole Foods be the “green and aware” company the claim to be yet be selling let alone promoting with Banners and advertisements. I went to the Whole Foods in Mt. Washington on Sunday and they had a big banner on the bridge before you get to the store. “Iceland Lamb” it read, with these baby sheep staring at the camera. Looked very peaceful, but we all know it wasn’t so for the lambs!!!! Come on, Whole Foods! These babies had their throats slit and then dismembered and now they are wrapped in plastic lying in your store! Disgusting!

I’ve decided I won’t be shopping at Whole Food again until they stop selling Lamb. I can shop at Mom’s Organic Grocery and they aren’t promoting the death and consumption of baby animals. If you want to write Whole Foods and ask them to stop

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